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The symbolism of France Shotokan ranking

Some explanations about the progression in the grades of our school, decernated by Ohshima Sensei or his representative:

Shodan indicates a mastery of basic techniques. We are also interested in the look, the hikite or the stability.

Nidan corresponds to a higher technical level where the basic techniques are chained, with energy and lucidity. The fighting spirit is also essential.

Sandan, the practitioner must be calm. The grade pass contains a part of work on your knees. We also look at the sense of the ma (distance from the opponent).

Yodan is awarded to practitioners who have demonstrated an obvious ability to engage: to enter the attack, before the technique is fully deployed (projection, Irimi). We look at the unity of mind, fist and body. There are about 50 Yodan in France since the creation of France Shotokan (1964).

Godan is awarded for both technical and honorary reasons. It is awarded to those who have long followed the teaching of Master Ohshima and above all demonstrating very special qualities in his practice.The essential criterion considered is character. There have been about thirty Godan since the creation of France Shotokan (1964). This is the highest grade of our school.

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