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Practical information

Some practical information about our club!  

The CO club. Chennevières Shotokan Ohshima Karate has been around for almost 20 years and many black belts have been formed there. We follow the teaching style of Master Ohshima (Godan of Funakoshi Sensei).  

The trainings are led by Fabien Deneuville,Godan of Master Ohshima and black belt 5th dan.

Black belts also provide a motivating framework.

The courses are for everyone from 16 years old for the teens/adults section and from 8 years old for the children's section.

(Calligraphy of Master Ohshima made on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of France Shotokan)

Why don't I start karate?

What equipment is needed?

Starting karate requires a reasonable investment: a keikogi, a white belt and the desire to come and train regularly. Two training sessions a week are necessary if you want to progress.

For a trial course just come with your motivation and sports business.

What are the health benefits?

In general, karate will call for coordination and balance. Depending on the age, the practice of karate will bring specific benefits.

Working together or in groups during training helps to develop social relationships.

Karate can be very beneficial for health with a suitable practice.

What are the age limits?

We welcome practitioners from 8 years old (children's section, subject to a sufficient number of registrations) and 16 years old for the Adults section.

It is rare to practice competition at a high level beyond the age of 30. We can continue the traditional or free fights afterwards, during flexible assaults.

As for the practice of katas, there is no age limit.

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