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France Shotokan

France Shotokan is an association law 1901 founded in 1964 by Tsutomu OHSHIMA . The founding members were members of the karate commission within the FFJDA (Daniel CHEMLA and Jean-Pierre GERBAULET).

It is thus the only association officially representing in France the shotokan OHSHIMA style. We bring together all the dojos in France practicing and spreading this style of karate.

France Shotokan in a few figures:

  • more than 50 years of existence
  • 60 dojos in France (metropolitan and DOM/TOM)
  • more than 1000 practitioners
  • more than 300 black belts members of the association

You can find an FSK dojo near you!

Important: our dojos are available free of charge to all members of the association. All you have to do is join a France Shotokan dojo.

Master Ohshima is also the leader (SHIHAN) of other Shotokan organizations around the world:

  • Shotokan Karate of America (SKA),
  • Canada Shotokan (CSK)
  • Israel Shotokan (ISK)
  • Switzerland Shotokan (SSK)
  • Belgium Shotokan (BSK)
  • and numerous performances in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain

Finally, the Shotokan Ohshima style is officially recognized by the F.F.Karate. As such, we enjoy a respect for our specificities (katas in particular) when passing FFK grades.

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