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Grades for children

For the adult section, the grades have 3 colors of belts: white, brown and black.

For the children's section, in order to provide additional motivation, we have adopted the color system for each of the grades (kyu) issued in the club.

There is one grade change per year (towards the end of April).

The candidate's achievements for the degree are evaluated according to three modules: kihons, katas and kumity. The grade transition also takes into account the assiduity and motivation of the practitioner during the current season.

The exam takes place in front of a jury of black belts.

ColorKata requested
Graduation - Karate Shotokan Paris 9th kyu: white beltTaikyoku Shodan
White-Yellowintermediate: yellow white belt Taikyoku Shodan
Taikyoku Nidan
Yellow 8th kyu: yellow beltTaikyoku Nidan
Taikyoku Sandan
Yellow-Orange intermediate: yellow orange belt Taikyoku Sandan
Heian Shodan
Orange 7th kyu: orange beltHeian Shodan
Heian Nidan
Orange-Green intermediate: green orange beltHeian Nidan
Heian Sandan
Green 6th kyu: green beltHeian Sandan
Heian Yodan
Green-Blue intermediate: blue green beltHeian Yodan
Heian Godan
Blue 5th kyu: blue beltAll Heian katas
Blue-Brown 4th kyu: brown blue beltAll Heian Bassai katas
3rd kyu: brown beltAll Heian
Bassai & Tekki shodan katas
2nd kyu: brown belt ditto + Kwanku
1st kyu: brown belt idem + learning higher katas

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