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Karate for children

The club welcomes children from 8 years old (up to 15 years old) on Mondays from 7pm to 8pm, subject to a sufficient number of registrations.

Martial arts have demonstrated their effectiveness in strengthening the physical and mental strengthening of practitioners. In this sense, karate for children is a good option for their integral development.

Complete sport, thanks to its structuring pedagogical virtues, it develops the mastery of the body and its emotions, strengthens and harmoniously maintains the physical and mental faculties of the individual: strength, flexibility, speed, resistance, concentration, rigor, perseverance …

Regular karate practice leads to significant improvement in physical (better flexibility, muscle tone, endurance) and mental skills (energy channeling, self-control, self-esteem, tactical approach to the opponent, memory…)

The benefits of karate for children are numerous. It is one of the most complete sports disciplines since it contributes to both the physical and mental development of the practitioner.

It is undoubtedly one of the best tools that a parent can offer his child for optimal development of his person.

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