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The dojo

The training room, called the dojo, is broken down into two ideograms of D and J.

  • Do is the way
  • Jo is the place.

The dojo is therefore the place where we look for the way.

It is associated with a code of ethics called the Dojo Kun that defines the values necessary for physical and philosophical karate training. It is defined as the enumeration of the rules (Kaisetsu) used in a karate dojo for a fair attitude (Shisei) throughout the progression.

Dojo Kun
Dojo Kun – Gichin Funakoshi

The conduct of Shotokan karate practitioners is managed by these rules and by 20 precepts of karate, the Niju Kun, written by Gichin Funakoshi.

Niju Kun - calligraphy
Niju Kun

The dojo is where the teacher shares his passion and knowledge with his students. Nowadays, the sporting dimension of karate is sometimes privileged: you have to score points, win championships.

The idea (ideal?) self-exceeding tends to be most often replaced by the need to dominate others instead of trying to develop internally. At the dojo, you have to leave your "Me" at the door.

The dojo is located at the Armand Fey Stadium /Gymnasium (road du Plessis Treviso in Chennevières sur Marne, on the border of Plessis Treviso and Champigny on Marne).

the parquet dojo
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