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Practicing karate

Evacuating stress, learning self-defense, improving self-control, approaching competition, … all aspects of karate are possible at the Omnisports Centre in Chennevières – Karate Section Shotokan Ohshima.

High-level coaching will accompany you in your progress towards the black belt in the many trainings and internships offered throughout the year.

Start karate now regardless of your age or physical condition!

You can join us at the various training sessions.

Karate, a sport, an art of living
Seiza and mokuso

Shotokan Ohshima karate in Chennevières is a top team with:

  • a state graduate professor DEJEPS 5th dan, Godan of Master Ohshima
  • a 7th dan state graduate professor, Godan of Master Ohshima, federal FFKarate expert for the Shotokan Ohshima style,
  • 2 federal instructors
  • 7 black belts
  • serious training
  • the tradition of karate-do but also a friendly club!

The courses allow the practice of traditional karate, preparation for competition or self-defense.

We expect many and many from the first classes in September!

Information and registrations are made on-site before/after each course.

For those who wish to try, a free trial course is possible: just come with a loose and flexible jogging style.

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