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The schedules for the season are as follows. Thank you for being present 10 minutes before to change and put on a karategi outfit.

The training sessions take place at the Armand Fey gymnasium (20 route du Plessis in Chennevières sur Marne, on the border of Champigny, Chennevières and Le Plessis Treviso):

Resumption of training on Monday, September 6, 2021

Monday Wednesday
Children (8 – 15 years) 7pm – 8pm
Teens / Beginner Adults8pm – 9.30pm8pm-9.30pm
Teens / Adults graduated (from 3rd kyu)8pm – 10pm8pm-10pm

Technical and combat courses are organized regularly and led by experts and senior officers in the Shotokan Ohshima style.

The information is published regularly in the calendar.
To join us:

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