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Introducing the club

Beginners welcome!

The club was created in 2001 by Richard Hiegel and then taken over in 2018 by Fabien Deneuville.

We are affiliated:

– in France Shotokan (non-profit association officially representing Master Ohshima in France)

France Shotokan Chennevieres

– to the FFK (French Karate Federation) n°affiliation 940622

We follow the teaching style of Master Ohshima (Godan of Funakoshi Sensei),Shotokan Ohshima style.  

The Shotokan-Ohshima style is strictly in line with the teaching of Master Funakoshi, referring to his major work "Karate-Do Kyohan".

Thus, in addition to the classic kihon, kata and kumité, he develops certain specific practices: iai (very short distance combat), torite (clearances on seizure) much of which works on his knees and swims waza (projections on attacks).

He pays particular attention to the relaxation of the body in practice. His research is realism and efficiency in combat in all its forms, with training balanced on all aspects of karate as described by Master Funakoshi in his book.

The "special training" (successions of very intense training over several days) is a crucial instrument of personal progression in the Style of Shotokan Ohshima.
It also plays a major role in strengthening the bonds between its practitioners.

Our season is structured around six special courses (5 in the region, 1 national), and numerous technical courses over a weekend, led by the most senior members of the association (between 30 and 45 years of practice).

If competition takes up only a marginal part of our training, the jyu kumite is a full part of it.

One of the basic principles within France Shotokan is the absolute volunteering of all its managers, teachers and other managers.

Our dojos, spread throughout the country, are available free of charge to all members of the association as long as they are in good standing with their dues in their original dojo.

The Shotokan Ohshima style has been recognized as a specific Shotokan style by the FFK since 2003.

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